Ildikó Bakó


Egg Painter Folk Artist

The Knight of the Hungarian Culture


The joy of folk art inspired me to start folk dancing and egg etching.

I have tried several types of folk arts; embroidery, folk costumes, ornaments, and egg etching are all favorite activities for me.


I am trying to demonstrate the rich world of Hungarian egg etching patterns: decorations with ancient elements such as stars, dots, animals, and flowered, archaic motifs. I often represent religious and national symbols on my etched eggs. My own patterns are based on ancient motifs.


I received theEgg Painter Folk Artisttitle as recognition of my work in 2001:

For practicing, maintaining values, and mediating traditional egg painting.”


I have been involved in egg etching for 25 years. I have been invited by the Hungarian Folk Art Museum to participate in the Painted Eggs Fair every year.


I have got the title as Knight of the Hungarian Culture in 2008.


Being fond of natural materials made me start making Christmas ornaments. Using nutshell, poppy-head, and pinecone I make angels, the saint family from Bethlehem, and miniature figures.


I find it important to pass on this skill to younger generations. Every year I go to 8 to 10 schools to teach children the art of etched eggs.